Accelerating Maven Builds From Snail's Pace 🐌 to Rocket Speed πŸš€JCon EuropeCologne, DE2024-05-15
Accelerating Maven Builds From Snail's Pace 🐌 to Rocket Speed πŸš€JSpringUtrecht, NL2024-06-13
Release your creations into the world with JReleaser! πŸš€Devoxx UKLondon, GB2024-05-09
Release your creations into the world with JReleaser! πŸš€DevoxxAntwerp, BE2023-10-02
Five ways open source will slow you downBitbash 2024Veenendaal, NL2024-01-27
Five ways open source will slow you downJ-FallEde, NL2023-11-09
Five ways open source will slow you downDevnexusAtlanta, US2023-04-05
What's cooking in Maven?Devoxx UKLondon, GB2024-05-08
What's cooking in Maven?DevnexusAtlanta, US2023-04-06
What's cooking in Maven?DubJUGDublin, IE2023-02-28
What's cooking in Maven?JakartaOneOnline, US2022-12-06
What's cooking in Maven?J-FallEde, NL2022-11-03
What's cooking in Maven?DevoxxAntwerp, BE2022-10-13
What's cooking in Maven?JavaZoneOslo, NO2022-09-07
What's cooking in Maven?Devoxx FRParis, FR2022-04-21
Making Maven MarvellousDevnexusAtlanta, US2022-04-13
Making Maven MarvellousJava.ILOnline, IL2021-12-22
Making Maven MarvellousJavaZoneOnline, NO2021-12-08
Making Maven MarvellousJ-FallOnline, NL2020-11-04
Dapr: Dinosaur or Developer's Dream?JConf.devChicago, US2022-09-27
Dapr: Dinosaur or Developer's Dream?JBCNConfBarcelona, ES2022-07-19
Dapr: Dinosaur or Developer's Dream?Oracle Groundbreakers APAC virtual tourOnline, AU2021-12-03
Dapr: Dinosaur or Developer's Dream?J-FallEde, NL2021-11-04
Building distributed applications with DaprDaprConOnline, US2021-10-20
React in 40/45/50 minutesDubJUGDublin, IE2023-02-28
React in 40/45/50 minutesVoxxed Days RomaniaOnline, RO2021-10-22
React in 40/45/50 minutesJCONOnline, DE2021-10-07
React in 40/45/50 minutesBucharest Software Craftsmanship Comm.Online, RO2021-06-22
React in 40/45/50 minutesJNationOnline, PT2021-06-16
React in 40/45/50 minutesOpenValue meetupUtrecht, NL2020-03-10
React in 40/45/50 minutesJfokusStockholm, SE2020-02-04
React in 40/45/50 minutesDevnexusAtlanta, US2020-02-21
SSL/TLS for MortalsDevoxx UKOnline, GB2021-11-01
SSL/TLS for MortalsJavaLandOnline, DE2021-03-16
SSL/TLS for MortalsOracle Groundbreakers EMEA virtual tourOnline, RO2020-10-06
SSL/TLS for MortalsUtrechtJUGNieuwegein, NL2020-09-28
SSL/TLS for MortalsDevoxxAntwerp, BE2019-11-07
SSL/TLS for MortalsJ-FallEde, NL2018-11-08
SSL/TLS for MortalsGOTO BerlinBerlin, DE2018-10-31
SSL/TLS for MortalsJavaZoneOslo, NO2018-09-13
SSL/TLS for MortalsJAX '18Mainz, DE2018-04-25
SSL/TLS for MortalsDevoxx FRParis, FR2018-04-19
SSL/TLS for MortalsDevnexusAtlanta, US2018-02-23
SSL/TLS for MortalsJavaOneSan Francisco, US2017-10-04
SSL/TLS for MortalsVoxxed Days LUMondorf-les-Bains, LU2017-06-22
Beware of Survivorship Bias!DevnexusAtlanta, US2024-04-10
Beware of Survivorship Bias!JCon EuropeCologne, DE2023-06-20
Beware of Survivorship Bias!J-FallEde, NL2019-10-31
Building a DSL with GraalVMOracle Groundbreakers APAC virtual tourOnline, AU2020-10-19
Building a DSL with GraalVMjavaBinOnline, NO2020-05-12
Building a DSL with GraalVMOracle Code OneSan Francisco, US2019-09-19
Building a DSL with GraalVMFull Stack AntwerpAntwerp, BE2019-07-31
Building a DSL with GraalVMDevoxx PLKrakΓ³w, PL2019-06-26
Building a DSL with GraalVMVoxxed Days LUMondorf-les-Bains, LU2019-06-21
Mastering Microservices with KongDevoxx UKLondon, GB2019-05-09
Mastering Microservices with KongCodeMotionAmsterdam, NL2019-04-03
How To Stay Responsive With 400 BackendsJVMCONEde, NL2018-01-30
How To Stay Responsive With 400 BackendsJBCNConfBarcelona, ES2017-06-20
Building web applications with ReactJfokusStockholm, SE2020-02-03
Building cross-platform mobile apps with React NativeDevoxxAntwerp, BE2017-11-07
Building cross-platform mobile apps with React NativeJFokusStockholm, SE2017-02-08
Outsmarting the Smart MeterReactive AmsterdamAmsterdam, NL2018-09-25
Outsmarting the Smart MeterUtrecht JUGNieuwegein, NL2017-10-27
Outsmarting the Smart MeterJFokusStockholm, SE2017-02-08
Outsmarting the Smart MeterBrabant.scalaEindhoven, NL2016-07-07
Outsmarting the Smart MeterJavaCro '16Rovinj, HR2016-05-19
ELK: BigData for DevOpsJBCNConfBarcelona, ES2016-06-18
ELK: BigData for DevOpsJavaCro '16Rovinj, HR2016-05-19
ELK: BigData for DevOpsJavantura v3Zagreb, HR2016-02-20
ELK: BigData for DevOpsConFESS_2015Vienna, AT2015-04-14
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