Building web applications with React

In addition to my React in 45/50 minutes talk, I also deliver a half-day workshop on React. Participants who want to have a good start can prepare themselves using this short guide.

Install Node.js

  1. If you haven’t already, install the long-term support (LTS) version of Node.js.
  2. Prepare a directory where you will be working from, e.g. ~/workshop. On Windows, make sure to use a short path (to prevent issues with too long paths), e.g. C:\workshop.
  3. Open a terminal in the directory you’ve just created and issue
npx create-react-app gtd-app

Prepare an account

During the workshop, we’ll be working with a remote REST API. You can pre-register an account today so you can continue immediately during the workshop. This account is only there to prevent participants from influencing each others work.

An account is the combination of a username and a password.

  1. Register an account:
    curl -d 'username=...&password=...'
  2. Update package.json in your React project with
    "proxy": ""

Install the client library

To make working with the client library a little easier, I have prepared a small JavaScript library. Use of it is optional, but highly recommended. It will save you from writing low-level code related to working with the Fetch API.

  1. Install the client lib in your React project:
    npm i gtd-lib