Next to my speaking engagements, I’ve also been a guest in several popular podcasts.

Barcoding (2020)

My first podcast appearance was back in 2020, where I joined the Barcoding podcast together with Robert Scholte. Check out the episode!

Beyond Coding (2022)

More recently, in 2022, I joined the Beyond Coding podcast together with Paulo Lopes. We discussed disputes and social problems, making it easier to start contributing to open source, improving the open source model further and the omnipresent “not invented here syndrome”. You can listen to the episode, or even watch it!

Wicked Good Development (2022)

Also in 2022, when I attended Devnexus, I did an ad-hoc interview with Kadi G and A.J. Brown of Sonatype. We’ve discussed open-source, Maven and a few topics in the JVM ecosystem in general. You can listen the episode; there is no video recording available.


I also wrote a few articles for online magazines and blogs and for print magazines: