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DevNexus Day 1: WebAssembly, Productivity

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Together with four “AwesomeSauce” colleagues from Info Support, I’m attending DevNexus this year. For me, it’s the second time I’m here, as I spoke here in 2018, too. Next to delivering my own “React in 50 minutes” session I’m attending some sessions to update with new technology advancements.

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A first look at MVC 1.0

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Recently, Twitter brought the renaming of Ozark to Krazo to my attention. It pulled my attention: I had never heard of either projects, and I wondered what they would be about. Ozark (or Krazo) will be the Reference Implementation of the new Model-View-Controller Specification. This MVC specification, also known as JSR 371, was planned for inclusion in Java EE 8, but eventually dropped. Apparently, this didn’t kill the effort. I was curious to see where the specification (and it’s implementation) would be now. — Read more... →

Timing in Protractor tests

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Ever noticed that annoying error while running your Protractor tests: Error while waiting for Protractor to sync with the page: {}. Especially the two brackets are annoying, because they suggest more information might be available but it is just hidden for you. The good news is, the fix is rather easy. It turns out that Protractor expects your application to have an data-ng-app attribute on the HTML body element. — Read more... →

Mobile emulation in Google Chrome

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Building a web site or web application that should also be useable on other devices than ‘regular’ desktops or laptops? You don’t always have your mobile device at hand, or might not even own one. Yet, you want to see how your new gem looks on such devices. Worry no more! Google Chrome to the rescue. We all know the ‘Developer Tools’, accessible using F12. If you press ESC while inside the ‘Developer Tools’, the ‘DevTools console drawer’ appears. — Read more... →