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Devoxx 2017

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Almost two months ago I visited Devoxx 2017. It’s about time to write some notes on the stuff I learnt there! Event Storming & DDD workshop The week started off with a full afternoon workshop led by Stijn Vanpoucke. The workshop consisted of small pieces of theory, alternated with exercises using post-it’s and markers. A few of the theoretic pieces: An event is something that has happened in the past. It is usually phrased in past tense. — Read more... →

No bind or arrow functions in in JSX Props - Why? How?

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Recently, I found myself running tslint on a small React application written in TypeScript. The combination itself is worth writing another blog post about, but today we’re covering just one of the rules that tslint has; in fact, it is defined in the “tslint-react” rule set. It is also included in the eslint-plugin-react, because it is not related to TypeScript per se. What’s it about? In its ES6 version, the rule says: “No . — Read more... →