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Devnexus 2023 live blog

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This week, I’m attending the 19th edition of the Devnexus conference in Atlanta! In those 19 years, Devnexus has truly grown to being one of the biggest Java and JVM-related conference in Nothern America, and it’s always been a pleasure to be there. This year marks my fourth attendance as a speaker, and I’ll be doing two talks myself.

In this post, I’ll be live blogging about some of the sessions that I’ve joined. Enjoy!

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Jfokus, Day 1

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These days, I’m in Stockholm, attending and speaking at the Jfokus conference. Yesterday night was a great opportunity to get to know a few other speakers during dinner. We were even surprised by an act of the Lemon Squeezy barbershop quartet singing for us - very beautiful! But today, the serious stuff started. In the following sections, I have written down my notes and observations of each of the sessions I attended. — Read more... →