Use git bisect to pinpoint a bug

— Maarten Mulders

During my work on Maven today, I found a very specific bug. The error message wasn’t that clear, and I couldn’t make a guess what might’ve caused it. I read about git bisect a few times and figured that today, I would use that tool to find the bug.

What's New in Maven 4

— Maarten Mulders & Martin Kanters

Recently, the Maven community decided to push forward and start working towards a 4.0.0 release. The first question after this announcement is of course: what can we expect Maven 4 to bring us? A lot - and in this post, we want to highlight some of the features that we are particularly excited about.

Multiple Git identities

— Maarten Mulders

Everything is code, and code is everywhere. For me, this means I put more and more stuff into version control. Whether it is infrastructure descriptions, documentation, software or this blog, I always store it in a Git repository. But sometimes this gets dirty, because you accidentally forget to change your Git user details.

DevNexus Day 1: WebAssembly, Productivity

— Maarten Mulders

Together with four “AwesomeSauce” colleagues from Info Support, I’m attending DevNexus this year. For me, it’s the second time I’m here, as I spoke here in 2018, too. Next to delivering my own “React in 50 minutes” session I’m attending some sessions to update with new technology advancements.

Customise the Maven Release process

— Maarten Mulders

Shipping a new release of software usually involves quite a few steps. Depending on the type of software, this may be something you rarely do. Thus, it often involves manual steps. This is not necessary! Maven has had its “Release Plugin” since approximately April 2007; yes, that’s over 12 years! It has served both the Maven project and many other software projects.

Devoxx - Day One

— Maarten Mulders

This year I’m returning to Devoxx. I’m planning to write some notes on interesting sessions or other content. Also, I’ll be delivering my talk on Transport Layer Security tomorrow. But today was a day of catching up with old friends and attending a talk or two.

One talk really caught my attention: “Implementing a simple JVM in Rust”.

Building a programming language on GraalVM (Part 1)

— Maarten Mulders

If you’ve followed recent developments in the Java ecosystem, you must know GraalVM. Many blog posts cover how you can build native executables from Java source code. This is indeed exciting: your program starts faster, and consumes less memory. Other popular topics include building Java applications that run code in other languages. You can run JavaScript, Python, Ruby or R code in the JVM. But there’s more: in fact you can run any language inside the JVM! Are you curious how? Continue reading…

Code One - Day Three

— Maarten Mulders

Third day on Code One already! Highlights for today: the Community Keynote, a trip to GitHub and a session called “Sarcasm as a Service”.

Code One - Day Two

— Maarten Mulders

On this second day at Code One I have again visited interesting sessions. One on security by Jim Manicode and one on cash (or the lack thereof) in Sweden.