About me

Hi 👋🏻 name is Maarten Mulders. For non-Dutch speakers: you can pronounce it like “Martin” but with a bit more emphasis on the “a”. But no worries: when abroad, I often respond to “Martin”, too :-).

I’m working as a consultant with Info Support, a Dutch/Belgian IT Service Provider. In my consulting work,

I’m passionate about “building the right thing” and “building the thing right”, focussing on lean and elegant solutions.

Quite a challenge indeed, by times! For a full overview of my professional career, LinkedIn is a better source.

Besides consulting clients, I am a part-time trainer. I used to teach a course on Java 8, and I currently teach courses on ReactJS, Unit Testing in Java and the Spring framework.

Apart from my professional activities, I am also active in local Java communities. Most notably the Dutch Java User Group (NLJUG). I have published a few articles in their Java magazine and I am serving in the working group that compiles the program for their annual J-Fall conference. I used to be active in the Utrecht Java User Group; after having moved out of the region I hope to join another local JUG soon.

Starting July 2020 I have joined the Apache Maven project as a committer. Apart from that, I am active in many more open source projects.

And finally, I often speak at various tech conferences. In 2019, I was appointed an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador.

My spare time is dedicated to other passions, mainly outside technology.

Červený CHR-681D
Červený CHR-681D

I love playing music; my main instrument is the French horn. Next to that, I also play the sousaphone and the trumpet every now and then. After having played on my first French horn for over twenty years, I now play a Červený CHR-681D Double French Horn.

I also like cooking, as well as enjoying the fruits of that. I am far from a professional, but the process of preparing and making something delicious can be fun by times.

And I enjoy making beautiful pictures. My gear is a Nikon D3300, a simple camera but you can produce nice photographs with it. The results are often good enough for personal purposes, and I never published them anywere online.