About me

My name is Maarten Mulders. For non-Dutch speakers: pronounce it like “Martin” but with a bit more emphasis on the “a”. When abroad, I often respond to “Martin”, too :-).

Maarten Mulders
Maarten Mulders

I’m passionate about “building the right thing” and “building the thing right”.

My focus is on lean and elegant solutions. Yes, it can be challenging by times to combine these goals. That is exactly why I enjoy my job as an IT Architect at Info Support. For a full overview of my professional career, LinkedIn is a better source.

Besides consulting clients, I am a part-time trainer. I used to teach a Java 8 course, and I currently teach a course on ReactJS.

And finally, I often speak at various tech conferences. In 2019, I was appointed an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador. Starting July 2020 I have joined the Apache Maven project as a committer.

My spare time is dedicated to other passions, mainly outside technology.

Červený CHR-681D
Červený CHR-681D

I love playing music; my main instrument is the French horn. Next to that, I also play the sousaphone and the trumpet every now and then. After having played on my first French horn for over twenty years, I now play a Červený CHR-681D Double French Horn.

I also like cooking, as well as enjoying the fruits of that. I am far from a professional, but the process of preparing and making something delicious can be fun by times.

And I enjoy making beautiful pictures. My gear is a Nikon D3300, a simple camera but you can produce nice photographs with it. The results are often good enough for personal purposes, and I never published them anywere online.