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This site is intended as a list of personal notes, interesting findings or whatsoever. I hope you’ll find it useful. If so, drop me a line, I would love to hear it! Feel free to get in touch; for options, see the right pane.

Below is a list of recent posts.

Building a programming language on GraalVM (Part 1)

If you’ve followed recent developments in the Java ecosystem, you must know GraalVM. Many blog posts cover how you can build native executables from Java source code. This is indeed exciting: your program starts faster, and consumes less memory. Other popular topics include building Java applications that run code in other languages. You can run JavaScript, Python, Ruby or R code in the JVM. But there’s more: in fact you can run any language inside the JVM! Are you curious how? Continue reading…

Code One - Day Three

Third day on Code One already! Highlights for today: the Community Keynote, a trip to GitHub and a session called “Sarcasm as a Service”.

Code One - Day One

This year I’m returning to Oracle Code One (formerly JavaOne) for the third time. I’m planning to write some notes on interesting sessions or other content.

How did I get that library?!

When you’re writing Java applications, chances are you’re using Maven for dependency management. It lets you declare the artifacts you need to build your application. Those artifacts also depend on other artifacts. This means you have transitive dependencies - dependencies you didn’t declare yourself but you need them anyway.